• Instructors:

We have 72 dedicated instructors provide solid, professional, and efficient training and consulting services.

Our 72 dedicated professional instructors are available for training and consulting services with powerful resources and flexible schedules. Their services provide in combination with our five core businesses. We have a rigid screening process for faculty members. All candidates must have at least 10 years of experiences in the related industry. The faculty members must have held senior positions in businesses with outstanding performance, show strong managerial leadership, and skills overcome challenges. To become an instructor, the candidate will go through corporate planning and presentation skills training programs conducted by our own in-house trainers. Instructors will be assigned based on their specialty area. The consulting team will be assembled based on specific characteristics required for projects to achieve the best and the most efficient results.
    The following is part of lecturer in detail:
teacher Tao Lin
eacher Yingjie Zhang
teacher Haiyang Huang
teacher Peifang Cai
teacher Ouyang Lin
teacher Jinwen Zhang
teacher Qinghai Li
teacher Hongzhu Chen
teacher Shixun Wang
teacher Yuhui Ceng
teacher Dingguo Li
teacher Maolin Xu
teacher Zhongping Ma
teacher Zhenzhong Chen
teacher Jingwen Liu
teacher Shanghe Ma
teacher Ruizhen Zhong
teacher Feng Lin
teacher Shirui Qiu
teacher Dao Wang
teacher Shiyang Li
teacher Yi Lin

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