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Beijing new professional training room


Our multimedia classroom is located Room B-902, Outlook Times Center, No. 103 Building, Huizhongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing. We have ample rooms with well-lit floor to ceiling windows that are fully equipped in a clean and comfortable setting. The facility can be rented on an hourly basis or daily basis for meetings, seminars, or conferences. For specifics see below:


1、 Our building area is 196 square meters and can accommodate 50 people in a classroom setting or fish-bone setup.
2、All-windows have curtain walls available to the south and west with three curtain layers characterized by middle layer of blinds.
3、Sound-absorbing ceiling panels and sound-absorbing interior wooden walls.
4、Split carpeted floors.
5、Electrical ground and wall plugs available on the floor and walls


1、3,500LUX projector with an imported screen
2 Imported conference audio and 2 sets of one-for-two wireless microphones setups
3、 Advanced tuning equipment
4、 Foldable double layer desks, soft cushioned comfortable chairs for up to 50 people with separate desks and chairs for the instructor and the teaching assistant
5、A Movable white board and embedded glass panels


III、 Available Services
1、Take lunch orders at diner’s own expense
2、Book nearby hotels at the user’s own expense
3、Provide complimentary paper and pencils: 1 pencil, 2 pieces of A4 white paper per person, 2 red, black and blue whiteboard pens
4、Provide complimentary use of a projector and audio equipment
5、Provide 1 complimentary drinking station with water tank


IV、Charging Items
1、Office parking lot rate: ground level: 5 RMB/hour; or underground level: 5 RMB/hour
2、Tea break and service charge (negotiable)


V、 Standard Charges
One day, 9:00am to 5:00 pm, 2,000 RMB/day (work day pricing: Monday to Friday, less than 30 people. )
After 5pm, each additional hour will be charged an additional 300 RMB (for half-an-hour overtime, half the full price is in place; for more than half-an-hour but less than an hour, hourly price is in place)
If renting by the hour, or during weekends or holidays, prices must be negotiated
Tel :010-84871688-208
Contact: Ms. Chen


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