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Basic sales skills training: not just about training on products and systems
· When a new sales staff comes on board, companies will typically arrange product or system training, however, some companies believe that such training will work on the sales. If one does not have sales awareness and an advanced sales skill set, then they will not exhibit professional sales behavior. If there is no positive customer interaction initiated, then the advantages of the products is not revealed and they will find it difficult to make the sale.
Our training courses:We have five essential basic sales skills for all new sales staff: sales awareness, mentality, etiquette, continued deployment, and promotion skills. The new sales staff member will have all the necessary sales skills to safeguard with precision and effectiveness an enhancement of their sales skill set. "18 Useful Sales Tactics", “Customer Development and Visiting", "Customer Friendship Maintenance Skills", "Telephone Skills" and "Product Demo and Presentation Skills" and other systems have proven to be effective courses for new sales staff.    
Senior sales staff systems will not be suitable for new sales staff. Furthermore, these systems are typically based on the experience of in-house instructors that did not start their careers in sales. So, a new objective must be realized for new sales staff with a new sales staff system to enhance their skill set to level of senior sales staff.
· Sales skills must be transformed into professional courseware that benefits newcomers. However, most enterprises have no or few talented individuals that are capable of summarizing real sales skills, knowledge systems, and/ or sales experiences to form professional and accurate teaching courseware. More importantly, new sales staff are different from the senior sales staff mentality, ability, skill set, and digesting ability. If courses are not professionally designed and imposed on the new sales staff, they will be counterproductive.
Our training courses have been meticulously developed by integrating the sales skills and practical experiences of the sales consultants, sales skills training experiences, and courseware development experiences. The courseware is highly operable with a higher course content system compliance that effectively saves time for in-house instructors (i.e. sales supervisors) because courseware development enhances the effectiveness for training new sales staff.
Capable sales people are not necessarily capable of training new sales staff.
· Teaching skills comprise an independent system that requires long-term training and practice before becoming professional instructors. They are not able to summarize their knowledge and experience to perfectly present to new sales trainees in a way they can understand, master, and apply in the real world. How will the teaching effects be achieved?
Our training courseware is a complete teaching system that is designed with complete training manuals that include when and what interactions are needed and how to indicate control during the process to enhance the teaching ability of the instructors, to enhance the passion for learning of the new sales staff, and to achieve results. To teach others how to fish rather than giving others the fish, professional instructors in certain disciplines have been cultivated for companies that will endow a talented elite to present their skills.
Training is expensive, but not training staff can be even more expensive. In the long-term, an inexpensive but effective training tool will meet a company’s urgent need to address the training of the new sales staff effectively so that little is lost from poor training.
· The results from a lack of a sales skills training system for the new sales staff and the high turnover of new sales staff has caused many companies to ignore outsourcing training of other companies. Instead, they just ignored the problem, the investment injected for new recruitments, and the management costs became higher than training costs. The resulting inefficiency development will lead to greater losses.
Taotao International training courseware: The courseware can be retained by companies for long-term use. As long as the company has the willingness to teach, they will be able to quickly learn how to teach this course and their in-house instructors will be able to present the courses just like professional instructors. New sales staff can be directed and trained with little confusion. Set of courseware can be used repeatedly. Of course, it is more cost saving, but the integrity and the unity from our course systems will secure your training investment.




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