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I、Consulting Services
In the consulting field, we adhere to a service vision of customer demand and satisfaction by realizing of customer objectives as our mission. We conduct a scientific, comprehensive, in-depth, and systematic analysis of the problems encountered by companies to discover the root causes and clearly define an improvement plan with professionally optimized assistance to enhance the core competitiveness. By relying on years of project consulting experience, we conduct an in-depth analysis and have a specially developed major consulting service areas to safeguard sustainable development. This specially designed service is divided into our four major consulting service areas: business operation and management, marketing, HR, and corporate culture.
1. Business operation and management:We provide professional organization optimization, SOP mechanisms to build an in business operation for management characterized by corporate validation mechanisms to enhance the competitiveness of operations and management.
2.Marketing:We provide mystery shopper diagnosis, regional sales management system construction, product sales manuals and communication strategy mechanisms for new product launching promotions to enhance marketing competitiveness.
3. HR:We provide training systems and mechanisms to build services; develop standard training materials, and provide services to guide the establishment of in-house instructor teams to enhance sustainable business development.
4.Culture:We provide services to build corporate culture and promotion by assisting companies at a higher stage of cultural success.
Business operation and management


· organization optimization
· SOP mechanism building in business operation and management
· Corporate inspection, validation, control and management system
· Mystery shopper validation project
· Regional sales management system
· Sales manuals and communication strategies mechanism
· New product launching promotion projects
· Training systems and mechanisms building
· standard training materials
· Establishment of in-house instructor teams
· Corporate culture building and promotion

II、Consulting Service Process
Service is a powerful tool to safeguard consulting and training efficiency. We adopts a 4-step efficiency method in our consulting services that range from a pre-phase detailed demand diagnosis, program proposal preparation, project deployment, and implementation to the post-phase promotion of improvement and optimization. At each step, dedication is given for detailed and comprehensive services to ensure that customer objectives are realized.
Demand diagnosis
· A broad and in-depth understanding of the core issues for consulting projects and finding associated problems upstream and downstream as projects progress.
· By combining business and strategic goals, we can determine the direction for consulting project proposals.
Program proposal preparation
· Standardizing various corporate rules and requirements to incorporate the appropriate skills will improve the implementation process.
· By clearly defining execution orders and developing execution standards, we can ensure the project proposal gives a solid foundation.
Deployment and implementation
· By conducting mobilization prior to implementation and by assisting a complete interface between objects and corresponding content, we can optimally deploy and implement projects.
· By assisting in guiding and clarifying applications, the proposal implementation will solve problems before they happen.
Promotion of improvement
· By assisting companies continually during and after project operations with coaching, we will promote improvements.
· By making effective improvements based on the project simultaneously will enhance project promotion.


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