• History
  • ·We were established and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan in 1982.
  • ·As we continued to grow from our professional efforts, we further reestablished ourselves as Taotao Internation Business Administration in the central business district (CBD) of Taipei, Taiwan in 1991. We won 4 major awards indicating the continued praise of this industry for our services to customers in Taiwan that include imported vehicles, joint ventures, and training.
  • ·In 1997, we set up our Beijing office and achieved recognition as an officially registered foreign-invested company in 2001. This allowed us to launch successful services for the auto industry of the mainland.
  • ·Our President began his career in the auto industry and remains passionate about developing this sector.
  • ·We have successfully introduced management models to mainland China from the auto industries of Europe, America and Japan. Using these models in conjunction with the local culture, we are able to offer training and consulting projects that were well suited to adapt to trends and characteristics for the development of the auto industry in China.
  • ·We are in constant pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs. Evidence of this can be seen as we were first to successfully conduct "Auto Dealer GM Business Operation & Management Training Program", "Sales Manager Training Program", and "Sales Training Program" in mainland China in 2004.
  • ·By 2011, we are offering our professional and innovative services to nearly a hundred global customers. Our training and consultant teams are now part of more than 90% of the mainland passenger car companies, dealer groups. We have cooperated with import brand, JV and other national brands with our trainers and consultancy teams to demonstrate more than twenty years of successful auto consulting and training experiences. We have developed over hundred of sets of sophisticated and systematic training courses and systematic consulting project systems. We are an advantageous brand for the auto industry across the strait and continue innovation and creativity for an even more promising future.
Service Features
1.Qualifications:We have more than twenty years experiencein auto consulting and training!
2.Faculty:We have72 dedicated trainerswith 30 trainers having professional auto industry experience!
3.Consultants:We have more than 10 dedicated senior consultants and experts!
4.Courses:We havehundred of sets of proven systematic training courses!
5.Expertise:We havesuccessfully coached and trained hundreds of renowned manufacturers and dealers!
6.Team:Our coaching and training staffs are supported by professional experts from the auto industry!
Customer oriented:
-We are based in the Chinese auto market. In this competitive environment, we have references international references from the U.S., Europe, and Japan
-We offer an in-depth analysis and research on the characteristics of successful auto manufacturers and dealers
-Our operations can resolve the practical concerns of and for manufacturers and dealers
-Customer satisfaction has guided our operational system designs.
Results oriented:
-We are a results-oriented company to ensure positive outcomes that provide practical and effective ideas to enhance operational methods.
-We are guided by advisory programs for operations that provide specific and flexible implementation support systems and programs.
-We are guided by training goals that provide dedicated advisory and coaching programs.
Value oriented:
-We seek to improve corporate competitiveness by providing systematic consulting and training services.
-We seek to extend corporate training values that provide professional and systematic follow-up services.
-We seek to maximize the value of services by generating high performance results.